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ER1 System Software

Here is the ER1 Operating software in a zip file.

You can unzip the files, put them on a CD/DVD and install the software onto the laptop which will be acting as the controller for the ER1. As far as I know, the software needs to be hosted on a Windows XP computer. I've experimented with installing the software onto non-WinXP machines without success, admittedly with not too much effort. Based on my work, I believe that the "KritterCam" which is what the ER1's webcam is called only works on WinXP, the rest of the ER1 software may or may not work on machines above WinXP. Use this software at your own risk!

The greatest success that I have had installing the software has occurred installing the s/w, unconnected to the ER1, connecting the ER1, then WinXP asks for drivers, direct it to the CD/DVD and it works!
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