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Rejuvenating an ER1?

The ER1 robot, structure, and electronics are pretty sturdy. I've just rejuvenated my ER1 recently after lack of use for 13 years. There were really only three things that needed to be revamped before I could put it to use.

1) The ER1 battery - Info HERE
2) The ER1 laptop computer running
3) The laptop battery.

I took the ER1 battery to the local Batteries+ Lights store and they swapped the battery out of the brushed aluminum module for me for $30. Apparently the battery was nothing special. A normal 12v.

I bought a Dell running XP to control it. Don't know if the ER1 software runs on later Windows OSs.

Bought a 9-cell for the Dell. Lasts awhile.
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